A random selection of images and ideas.

A selection of images and ideas. Mostly new stuff but a few old bits and pieces dug out from past projects.

Year of the Duck

Back in 2015 I posted a duck a day for a year.

Now available as a self-published book.
Leonarduck Da Vinci

The things people say...

Alan's puns are truly awful!

First ducks now fish...heaven help us!

I laughed...once...the rest of the time I groaned. 

The man is an idiot!

These so called jokes are painful...Avoid!

Fish Friday Title 1240

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
A series of puns on a fishy theme, titled 'Fish Friday'. Published every Friday for a while back in 2020.


The ideas stage. Often just a quick scribble to get the ball rolling...